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D’Youville Explores Early College Partnership with Leonardo da Vinci High School

D’Youville Explores Early College Partnership with Leonardo da Vinci High School

Buffalo, New York – July 23, 2018 –D’Youville announced a partnership with Leonardo da Vinci PS 212, allowing Buffalo students to earn college credits while still in high school. The courses will be concentrated in health sciences as D’Youville looks to help raise completion rates in both high school and college, all while closing the gap in the demand for educated workers.

The early college high school partnership aims to integrate curriculum, so students earn a minimum of 24 and up to 60 transferable credits, equivalent to an associate degree, at no cost to their families. 

“Today we’re celebrating an immerging partnership we’re embarking on with the Buffalo Public Schools,” said D’Youville President Lorrie Clemo. “This new partnership will not only prepare students for college but also allow them to explore promising careers in the health sciences while earning college credits. Participating students will be able to earn a certificate or credits towards an associate’s degree while in high school in high demand healthcare fields.”

“Our student population reflects the immigrant and minority demographic of Buffalo — students with high poverty, limited English language skills, and those without a family history of post-high school education,” said Greg Lodinsky, principal of Leonardo da Vinci PS 212. “They’ll now be in a position to earn college credits that lead to a productive and challenging career in the booming health sciences field, an area of employment that continues to experience high numbers of unfilled positions.”

D’Youville is an integral part of the neighborhood’s education ecosystem, from high school, early college to certificate programs, as well as to offer associate, bachelor, graduate, and doctoral degrees — all without leaving the community. 

Exposure to these courses will help students stay engaged in their education and help them prepare for the rigors of college. As the students progress through the curriculum, confidence levels will rise among those who didn’t think they would be able to succeed in a higher education setting.

“We’re starting the year here at da Vinci because it is emblematic of a mindset of excellence,” said Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash. “It’s a rigorous environment for academics, but it’s also a welcoming, multicultural school where every student can find his or her voice at this great school, settled and nestled right here on the beautiful campus of historical D’Youville College.”

The partnership directly benefits the West Side neighborhood as Leonardo da Vinci leases space on the D’Youville campus. D’Youville has been helping people from various backgrounds obtain careers with good living wages since its inception. With seven languages spoken in the area, D’Youville hopes that the first-generation students take advantage of the partnership.

“I’m excited about fostering growth in our neighborhood, creating an educational ecosystem that inspires and enables lifelong learning. From early college high school partnerships, certificate and degree partnerships, to retraining and employment opportunities, we will build a healthy, thriving community,” said D’Youville President Lorrie Clemo.

D’Youville looks to expand these courses to be offered at other Buffalo Public School districts soon.

With Buffalo designated as an area with shortages of professionals in the healthcare fields, D’Youville hopes that these courses will spark an interest in the students so that they may fill those jobs in the future.

Once at D’Youville, these students will be able to take advantage of the soon-to-be-constructed Health Professions Hub. Located on D’Youville’s campus, The Hub will offer health sciences programs ranging from certificates, degrees, and post-secondary credentials. It will also serve as a community clinic, allowing West Side residents to obtain the health care needs that are lacking in the area.

“With the construction of D’Youville’s new Health Professions Hub, the students will be in a position to serve the communities in which they live and learn; neighborhoods which are under-served. I have no doubt that my students will enthusiastically seize upon the opportunity this new partnership presents to them,” added Lodinsky.

The Hub will offer training and hands-on learning opportunities, for some offering 24 hours a day, seven days a week programs, allowing students to improve their skills on their schedule. Additionally, the Hub will offer West Side residents convenient, local wrap-around health care so that families will have one fewer impediment moving toward high school and college completion.

*Edited 9/6/2018 to reflect press conference


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