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Finney Named to Health Care Champions List

Finney Named to Health Care Champions List

Buffalo, New York - April 20, 2018 - Maureen Finney, EdD, Dean of the School of Health Professions, has been named to the Business First Health Care Champions list for 2018.

The Health Care Champions list is comprised of 29 professionals who have achieved high levels of success in their field. Those chosen were nominated by the public and selected by an in-house committee.

“I congratulate Dr. Finney for being named a Health Care Champion by Business First,” said D’Youville President Lorrie Clemo. “It is a well-deserved recognition for the significant impact she has made at D’Youville and in the healthcare community through her leadership, provision of care, and tireless dedication to serving the underserved. Dr. Finney is an amiable role model as a healer and compassionate human being in our community and as a professional in the science and art of medicine to colleagues and other health professionals.” 

Dr. Maureen Finney
Maureen Finney, EdD, was named to Business First's Health Care Champions list for 2018.

In her online biography, Finney speaks on why she entered her profession, saying she wanted to “care for the underserved” — a goal she’s proud to continue today. Becoming a physician assistant is what lead her to become a faculty member here at D’Youville in 2000.

"I am so very honored and humbled to have been chosen for this recognition," said Finney. "To have my work as a physician assistant and an academic leader recognized is very rewarding. I'm blessed because I truly enjoy my work and the impact I have on my patients and the academic community."

Now as dean, Finney’s proudest recent accomplishment has been her work leading D’Youville’s initiative for the Health Profession’s Hub, a 50,000-square foot training and education center. A first of its kind, “The Hub,” will work to apprentice, train, and upskill the future workforce not only regionally, but as a model that can serve other communities across the state and nation.

The Hub “will allow for enhanced training for health professionals and the area workforce through innovative curricular offerings and provide comprehensive medical services to the community,” said Finney. “The impact will improve public health, reduce healthcare costs, and break economic barriers for those who are underemployed.”

“The Hub will train students and professionals for the future of healthcare, which will come from collaboration,” said Clemo. “It will help close the health professions shortage gap, reduce healthcare costs, and mitigate chronic disease in our region by using collaborative training methods and by enabling interconnectivity through innovative modalities such as advanced clinical guidance, virtual reality, and telehealth.”

Inside The Hub, patients, students, and visitors will find a clinic, diagnostic center, and pharmacy, all featuring well-trained staff and students offering rehabilitation, physical therapy, and chiropractic care, as well as workforce training rooms, inter-professional simulations, and an amphitheater for professional development conferences and community events.

This new teaching and care center on Buffalo’s revitalized West Side is representative of D’Youville’s continued investment in its students, the community, and the region.


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