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D’Youville Offering New Merit-Based Scholarships

D’Youville Offering New Merit-Based Scholarships

Buffalo, New York – October 02, 2017 – D’Youville has always been committed to being the best school for financial aid and helping students from all walks of life. The college’s goal: Ensuring those with strong academic fortitude wishing to achieve big school results from a small school experience can afford the unique education opportunities from a wide range of college degree offerings.

This past summer the college reviewed financial information, looking into various ways D’Youville could extend a more comprehensive approach to enable students to receive financial aid, and decided merit scholarships would be the best method. These scholarships will phase in for students applying to be enrolled and admitted to D’Youville starting in the fall of 2018.

One of the best parts about D’Youville’s merit scholarships is there’s no extra application or forms to fill out. Potential students apply for admission and include transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, and from there, scholarships are decided based on the submitted materials.

There are three levels of merit scholarships, Dean’s, Founder’s, and President’s, each based on minimum GPA and test scores, with all offering significantly lower cost to students and families. The lowering of financial costs in most cases is for the duration of a student’s program, from freshman to graduating year, provided there are no violations, and the student maintains minimum grades.

The new merit scholarships are designed so that students with a minimum 80 GPA and above a 980 SAT or 19 ACT will qualify for the Dean’s Scholarship, which is $8,000 off their tuition. For the Founder’s scholarship, students with an 83 GPA or above who scored at least 1080 SAT or a 21 ACT would qualify for the Founder’s Scholarship, $10,000 off their tuition and $2,000 off room and board. The top President’s scholarship is for students with an 88 GPA or higher, a 1170 SAT or 24 ACT, and entitles them to $13,000 off their tuition and $3,000 off room and board. A comprehensive view of merit scholarships and other types of financial aid are available by visiting D’Youville’s Financial Aid and Scholarships page.

Those interested in scholarships need only complete D’Youville’s admission application. Students considering a D’Youville education but not ready to make a choice are encouraged to visit the campus or contact the admissions department, by calling 800-777-39211002 or writing to


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