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Jeremiah Grabowski

D’Youville Welcomes Jeremiah Grabowski as Dean of Online Learning

Buffalo, New York – September 05, 2017 – D’Youville College is proud to announce Jeremiah Grabowski, PhD has been named the new Dean of Online Learning.

Grabowski comes to D’Youville after nearly six years at the University at Buffalo where he led the coordination of programs for their School of Public Health and Health Professions. Before the University at Buffalo, Grabowski spent ten years at Trocaire College where he oversaw development, design, and deployment of educational and instructional design.

When asked why he chose to come to D’Youville, Grabowski said prior to applying for the Dean of Online Learning position he contacted a number of current faculty and staff at D’Youville. "Every person I’ve spoken to has praised D'Youville as being a warm and welcoming place, a great working environment and community," said Grabowski. "I’ve had the pleasure of working at some great institutions in the past … D’Youville is a place with faculty and staff who care about their students and their colleagues.”

Of the appointment of Lorrie Clemo, PhD, Grabowski says he is excited by the vision and direction the College she is setting as President. “To me [we] have a huge opportunity. President Clemo has made online learning a strategic priority. I want to work at an institution where online learning is valued,” said Grabowski.

“Online learning provides students with the opportunity to continue their education, enrich their lives, and learn new skills in a way that otherwise may not be possible. The majority of online students are working adults who have hectic work schedules or physically live too far from campus. Over the course of the semester, I get to know my students and their stories. They’re all pursuing an education to better their lives or the lives of their families. Helping them accomplish those noble goals, I don’t know what’s more inspiring than that.”

Asked what he wishes to accomplish in the Dean of Online Learning role, “my goal to work with the faculty and administration to offer high-quality online education to our students. I know online education has a [negligible] presence on campus now. Over time I want online education to become part of the fabric of D’Youville. I want us to be known for not only our quality on-campus programs but for our online programs as well.”

“Online education has made great strides in the last ten years regarding becoming an accepted form of teaching and learning,” said Grabowski. “There’s a mountain of empirical evidence that shows online education is as effective as traditional education. Most people are finally coming around to accept that fact. With that said, I only see online education’s presence in higher ed growing in the next 5-10 years.

“Technology is constantly evolving and providing us the ability to deliver instruction in new and exciting ways. The constantly changing and evolving nature of online education is something I love. It’s never stagnant; you’re always learning and growing.

“It’s an overused, but accurate phrase but it’s all about the people. Whether it’s your students, your colleagues, or your family and friends, genuinely caring about and wanting to serve others is paramount. The other life lesson I subscribe to is that most people over estimate what they can accomplish in the short term, and under estimate what can be accomplished in the long term.

“I hope to bring those two philosophies to D’Youville, wanting to serve our students, faculty, and staff, while providing both a structured short and long term plan and vision to grow online education.”

Grabowski holds a doctorate from University at Buffalo in Curriculum, Instruction, and the Science of Learning Graduate School and co-authored “The Gamification of Online Education: How and Why?


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