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The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers

Buffalo, New York – March 08, 2017 – D'Youville College is pleased to announce a very generous bequest from a local woman who was not known to the College. The late Ruth J. Schwendler, who worked as a secretary and bookkeeper and died at age 92 in May 2016, designated D'Youville among a small number of donors in her large estate.

Miss Schwendler was not an alum of the college, and there was no history of her donating to D'Youville during her lifetime. Schwendler was an only child, never married, and lived modestly in a small house on Layton Avenue in Buffalo her whole life.

The executor of the will, and a longtime friend of Schwendler, Dolores Hufnagel, said she lived frugally and “believed in savings bonds. She didn’t spend money. She didn’t go traveling. She was a homebody.”

Dr. Lorrie A. Clemo, D’Youville president, said often with bequests like this “the reputation and legacy of the College touches someone like Miss Schwendler who believed in the mission of the college and wanted to help students who could not afford the cost of an education. In her case, she did it by restricting her gift to these students.”

Kathleen Christy, vice president of Institutional Advancement stated, "the generosity of loyal alumni and friends is vital to fulfilling D'Youville's commitment to students in need to ensure they receive superior education."

Upon notification of this bequest, D'Youville College established an endowed scholarship for such students.

"The great generosity of Ruth Schwendler will do much to help us accomplish our goal to continue to make college affordable for as many students as possible. D'Youville students who will be helped by this gift will be tremendous stewards of Miss Schwendler's belief in education for all", Christy said.

Her gift was made in honor of her parents, Henry and Clara.


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