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D’Youville Receives Grant for Innovative Virtual Dissection Table

D’Youville Receives Grant for Innovative Virtual Dissection Table

Cummings Foundation Funds Purchase for Chiropractic Department

Buffalo, New York – February 22, 2017 – D’Youville College has received an $80,400 grant from the James H. Cummings Foundation, Inc. of Buffalo, for the purchase of a unique Anatomage Table for the college Chiropractic Department.

The table is the world’s first virtual dissection table featuring the most advanced three dimensional anatomy visualization system, according to the manufacturer Anatomage. It is used globally and may be the only one currently in operation in Western New York, according to the College.

“The foundation of chiropractic education and student success is human anatomy,” says Dr. Jeffery Ware, executive director of D’Youville’s Chiropractic department.

“A thorough understanding is essential for every course in the clinical phase of the curriculum as well as patient management.”

The state-of-the-art table will allow students and faculty to review specific structures of the human body while discussing clinical conditions in a non-laboratory setting such as a classroom.

The table contains both a female and male full-body gross anatomy with the full external and internal anatomy volumetrically displayed from head to toe.

Images are created from non-chemically treated frozen cadavers with color and shape preserved, thus illustrating the accurate anatomical realism of a living human. In addition, the virtual body can be cut any where and in any way, revealing the details of internal structures and providing exceptional accuracy of the human body in a virtual 3D format.

It is the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system for anatomy education and is being adopted by many of the world’s leading medical schools and institutions, the company said.

Students can visualize anatomy exactly as they would on a fresh cadaver. Individual structures are reconstructed in accurate 3D, resulting in an unprecedented level of real accurate anatomy, dissectible in 3D.

Anatomy is presented as a fully-interactive, life-sized touch screen experience, in operatory bed form. The table allows for exploration and learning of human anatomy beyond what any cadaver could offer with over 1000 pathological examples.

“This is such an exciting time for the chiropractic program and D’Youville College to have this cutting edge technology in our classroom to enhance the learning experience”, Ware said. “We can bridge anatomy with learning clinical conditions, rehabilitation and orthopedics, and other areas, all at the student and faculty fingertips.”

The College expects to have the table delivered in approximately six weeks.

D’Youville introduced its seven-year chiropractic program in 2004 and was the second college in the nation to have such a program in a four-year multidisciplinary college.


Dr. Jeffery Ware
Phone: 716-829-7725

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