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Graphic: Ookla the Mok logo

D’Youville Library Director Takes To The Stage With Ookla The Mok

Band combines media-savvy lyrics with catchy melodies to Create "Filk" Music

Buffalo, New York – August 11, 2016 – Rand Bellavia, the multi-talented D’Youville Library Director, will take to the stage with his band Ookla the Mok on Saturday, August 27 at 1:00 PM at the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts (Between West Ferry & Lafayette) on the St. James Stage. They will be doing an acoustic set.

His band is nationally known as the best purveyor of filk music, a creative sound tied into the culture of science fiction and comic books, and have been performing since 1997.

The term “filk” started as a misspelling of folk music in an essay about the influence of science fiction on American folk music.

Ookla the Mok has performed in England and throughout the U.S. — especially at science fiction and comic book conventions. A music composition written by Rand and his band mate Adam English was used by Walt Disney Television as the theme for the ABC-TV show “Fillmore” and their work has been used in a number of films.

They have released ten albums of their unique brand of music.

The band’s name comes from a character from the Ruby-Spears Production cartoon "Thundarr the Barbarian."

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Rand Bellavia
Phone: 716-829-7616