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Photo: Sunlight shines through forest of trees.

D'Youville to Participate in Reforestation Program

College unites with compan to reduce environmental impact

Buffalo, July 20, 2016 – D’Youville College has partnered with PrintReleaf Exchange to promote sustainable business practices and reduce the environmental impacts that can result from the use of forest products.

The program, via Toshiba Business Solutions – Buffalo, is the first technology platform to enable cloud-based tracking and reforestation of printed paper. Patented software leverages connected technology to certifiable reforest paper consumption, according to Toshiba.

PrintReleaf is a service which helps customers reduce their environmental impact through a patented software platform: the PrintReleaf Exchange.

D’Youville will “releaf,” or reforest, its paper consumption by planting new trees, equivalent to the college’s paper usage, through a global network of PrintReleaf certified reforestation projects.

“D’Youville College has undertaken efforts to seriously reduce our use of paper on campus, and has successfully done so,” according to Robert P. Murphy, vice president for student affairs and enrollment management at the college.

“At the same time the college also realizes that some paper use is inevitable and this program allows D’Youville to continue its concerns about the environment and our effect upon it. We are pleased to partner with Toshiba Business Solutions and the PrintReleaf Exchange.”

The college can interface with heat map technology that represents forest loss and gain across the globe, showing which areas of the planet need trees most. This is accomplished through Global Forest Watch, a platform hosted by the World Resources Institute.

PrintReleaf reforests at a generally-accepted rate of 8,333 sheets of paper per standard tree. After selecting where D’Youville wants its paper “releafed” the college can use its online portal to track the evolution, growth, and survival of its trees over approximately eight years for each tree, PrintReleaf Exchange said.

D’Youville students are enthusiastic about this partnership and its concern for the future. “The D’Youville College Student Association has long supported and promoted environmental issues within and around the college,” said Leanne Schad, president of the association.

“We are extremely overjoyed to introduce this new development to our students, community, faculty, and staff. We hope this development will not only help the environment, but help the environment for future generations to come.”

It is believed D’Youville is the first college in the nation to become involved in this program, according to a D’Youville spokesman.


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