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D’Youville Prof’s Second Book in Series Released

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Photo: Gaia Bistulfi-Amman

D’Youville Prof’s Second Book in Series Released

Buffalo, New York – January 25, 2016 – D’Youville professor Gaia B. Bistulfi-Amman has added another volume to her series of books for young adults close on the heels of the first book: “An Italian Adventure” released in November.

The second novel, “Out of the nest, An Italian Summer” was just released by Kuki Publishing and a ‘Launch Party’ is set for Saturday, February 6 at the Hotel at the Lafayette in Buffalo from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. says of the new book, “Set in 1990, Leda is a bookworm and a tomboy. As her world splits into girls and boys, she can’t seem to fit in anywhere. In the background of the 2014 FIFA soccer world cup, Leda embarks on a new series of adventures dealing with hormones, periods, zesty boys and her own fears in what will be in the best summer of her life. Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Sardinia, the Dolomites, and Tuscany, this humorous yet insightful journey through first love, friendship, and first kisses will leave you breathless, marveling at the customs of country most people think they know.”

The Launch Party will feature a presentation and reading by Gaia followed by a question and answer period. Audiobooks will be given away every half hour and the author will sign her works. Individuals can bring their own books or purchase them at the event. There will also be a cover reveal of her next book in the series at 7:00 p.m. The ‘Launch’ is hosted by Public Espresso & Coffee, and open to the public.

Two more books in the series are planned.

Register for the Launch event and for more information, visit The Italian Saga Facebook page.

Bistulfi-Amman, an Italian native, graduated magna cum laude from the University of Milan where she earned her degree in Medical Biotechnology and her doctorate in conjunction with Roswell Park where she was a visiting scientist. She joined D’Youville in 2011 and is an assistant professor of biology.


Gaia Bistulfi-Amman
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