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Pharmacists Must Counsel Patients on Dangers of Prescription Opiates

Pharmacists Must Counsel Patients on Dangers of Prescription Opiates

This was the message delivered by Chrisopher Jadoch, assistant professor of pharmacy, at an Oct 7 regional forum.

Buffalo, New York – October 13, 2015 – Christopher Jadoch, RPH, JD, assistant professor in D’Youville’s School of Pharmacy, was asked to participate in a Regional Forum organized by the New York State Assembly Minority Task Force on Heroin Addiction and Community Response held on October 7 at Sweet Home High School in Amherst.

Invited by Joseph M. Giglio, Task Force Chairman, Jadoch spoke about the need for pharmacists to counsel patients about the dangers of prescription opiates and about current barriers for members of the community to obtain naloxone (Narcan) overdose rescue kits from pharmacies.

The Task Force was create in response to concerns from families, law enforcement and substance abuse treatment experts and will hold several forums to obtain more information about the treatment and rehabilitation programs available.

“We want to hear from rehab, we want to hear from enforcement, we want to hear from people that experienced it, and citizens. Problems they have had with their children, problems they’ve had getting treatment,” said Assemblyman Joseph Giglio of Gowanda, a member of the Task Force. “Those are all the issues that we’re looking at now and trying to understand why this is getting bigger.”

“At the D’Youville School of Pharmacy we are educating future pharmacists about the importance of counseling patients on the dangers of opiate-based medications, Jadoch said.

“Once New York State works through the red tape, the community can have greater access to Narcan overdose rescue kits.”

The Erie County Department of Health recently certified approximately 100 D’Youville students and ten pharmacy faculty members in the proper use of Narcan.


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