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“THAT” Camp to be Held at D’Youville October 23-24

“THAT” Camp to be Held at D’Youville October 23-24

The Liberal Arts Department to host a Humanities and Technology Camp with the theme of “Emerging Possibilities for Digital Scholarship and Pedagogy.”

Buffalo, New York – October 10, 2015 – The D’Youville College Liberal Arts Department will host a two-day “THAT” (The Humanities and Technology) Camp on October 23-24 in the Dr. Charles and Mary Schweitzer Bauer School of Arts, Sciences and Education (SASE) , 591 Niagara St. It will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. both days.

“A ‘THAT Camp’ is an open, inexpensive meeting where humanists and technologists of all skill levels learn and build together in sessions proposed on the spot,” according to Dr. Elizabeth Finnegan, assistant professor of English and event organizer.

The Camp, unlike a conference, “does not comprise tightly scheduled panels of papers being read to audiences; rather, participants actively produce the content together and collaborate informally in hands-on workshop designed for everyone to ‘create, build, write, hack, and solve problems,” Finnegan said.

The theme will be “Emerging Possibilities for Digital Scholarship and Pedagogy.” She said the event will afford a unique professional development opportunity for college faculty. “We will have the chance to learn new skills and become acquainted with emerging technologies that will spark new directions in our curriculum and challenge us to reimagine our disciplines in new ways.”

There will be “Boot Camp Workshops” on October 23 including Interpretive Gaming, Video for the Humanities, Fostering Digital Literacy, Hacking Shakespeare, Intro to Web Publishing, and Expanding the Classroom with Twitter and Other Social Media.

Saturday, October 24 will feature participants proposing sessions on the spot for teaching and learning together.

The event will also provide the opportunity to meet with humanists and technologists from other institutions to share ideas, experiences and skills in developing innovative curriculum in the humanities, according to Finnegan.

The registration fee is $30.00 and is open to the public, high school and grade school teachers, librarians, artists, community organizers, students and faculty.

To register or submit proposals go to


Elizabeth Finnegan, PhD
Phone: 716-829-8481