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 DYC Counseling Director to Visit Rwanda

DYC Counseling Director to Visit Rwanda

Kimberly Zittel is one of 15 providers selected for the inaugural delegation of the Global Engagement Institute.

Buffalo, New York – July 27, 2015 – Kimberly L. Zittel, director of the D’Youville College Personal Counseling Center, is one of 15 mental health service providers selected to travel to Rwanda, Africa in August to help improve access to community-based mental healthcare.

She was selected to be part of the inaugural delegation of the Global Engagement Institute (GEI) and the National Board for Certified Counselors to introduce their Mental Health Facilitator Program to Rwanda, according to the organizations.

The program will offer service providers culturally-relevant training regarding implementing mental health services in Rwanda and other third-world countries.

“What an incredible opportunity for me,” Zittel said. I am honored to share my knowledge and skill set with other mental health professionals, as well as inspired to contribute to the healing process of the Rwandan people, who are still recovering from the tragic effects of genocide. This experience will change lives.”

It will also provide the American facilitators a cultural exchange opportunity with Rwandan professionals in order to learn about mental health treatment implementation in America and basic helping skills, according to the Institute.

“The Rwanda providers will become certified Mental Health Facilitators and will be able to return to their areas of practice with an increased ability to help address the mental health needs of their people,” they added.

The goal of GEI is to provide international students and professionals with high-impact education and engagement programs in developing countries currently in East and Southern Africa and Southeast Asia.

Ms. Zittel is a Nationally Certified Licensed Mental Health Counselor, with specialized training in Holistic Psychotherapy and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy.

The delegation leaves on July 30.