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DYC Alumna Edith Flanigen, honored by NYS Senate

DYC Alumna Edith Flanigen, honored by NYS Senate

Edith Flanigen,'50 began her career in chemistry at a time when few women were working in the field.

Buffalo, New York – June 12, 2015 – Edith Flanigen, who earned her bachelor's degree in chemistry from D'Youville College in 1950, was honored by the New York State Senate in a ceremony in Albany this week.

Flanigen was honored for receiving a National Medal of Technology and Innovation. President Obama awarded her the medal last fall for "innovations in the fields of silicate chemistry, the chemistry of zeolites, and molecular sieve materials." She was also cited for her role in decontaminating radioactive water at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.

In total, Flanigen invented more than 200 synthetic materials during her long career at Union Carbide, a Buffalo-based corporation that produces chemicals and polymers.

She attended Buffalo's Holy Angels Academy, and went on to attend D'Youville College, where she served as class president and valedictorian. She earned her graduate degree at Syracuse University.

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