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Breast Cancer Research is Topic Of Talk by DYC Pharmacy Professor

Breast Cancer Research is Topic Of Talk by DYC Pharmacy Professor

Buffalo, New York – June 24, 2014 – Yasser Heakal, PhD, MBA, RPh assistant professor of pharmacology at D’Youville College's School of Pharmacy, presented a talk on his breast cancer research at the Drug Discovery Research Symposium held at the University of Toledo on June 22.

His presentation, “Toll-like Receptor 2 in Breast cancer: Friend or Foe?” was based on research conducted at D’Youville’s School of Pharmacy. His research demonstrates that targeting a specific protein, known as ‘toll-like receptor 2,’ present on the surface of certain breast cancer cells could enhance the response to chemotherapy drugs.

“The ultimate goal of this research project is to develop new drugs that enhance breast cancer patients’ response to chemotherapy and prevent the tumors from becoming resistant to drugs,” he said.

D’Youville pharmacy students who participated in his research include Ibrahim Ahsan and Tristan Thomas.

The Symposium was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the University of Toledo Center for Drug Design and Development.

Heakal is a honors graduate of Cairo University College of Pharmacy, earned his master’s degree in medicinal and biological chemistry at the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy, his MBA from Pennsylvania State Harrisburg and his Ph.D. in pharmacology from the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine located in Hershey, Pa.

He joined the D’Youville College School of Pharmacy in 2012.


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