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DYC Alumna Inspired By Experience in India

Buffalo, New York – May 18, 2014 – The Buffalo News recently interviewed Dr. Elizabeth Tupper, 13, an alumna from the D'Youville College Chiropractic program about her experiences traveling and working in India. According the the article, Dr. Tupper spent many of the early months of her professional life in New Delhi, India, working in the hospital of Dr. Vidur K. Jain, an orthopedic surgeon who graduated from D’Youville’s chiropractic program with her in 2013.

Dr. Tupper learned about the scarcity of chiropractic doctors in India and offered to practice in India with Jain. "I saw a lot of ankylosing spondylitis [in India]. It’s a condition where your spine and the joints in your spine start to fuse. If it’s not treated, over time you stand up like a pole. It’s something you learn about in chiropractic school because we can help patients delay it getting very severe," she said in the article.

Tupper has a full-time practice at the Novelli Wellness Center in Orchard Park, New York.



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