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Chiropractic Faculty, Students and Alumni Present at National Conference

Buffalo, New York – March 25, 2014 – All of D’Youville’s full-time faculty in the Department of Chiropractic attended the Association of Chiropractic College’s Educational and Research Agenda Conference on March 20-22 in Orlando, Florida.

“Five of the nine faculty presented at the Conference along with three recent graduates of our program; two current students also attended,” said Dr. Kathleen L. Linaker, executive director of D’Youville’s Department of Chiropractic.

The conference emphasized educational structure, administration, teaching and peer reviewed presentations. The Research Agenda focused on the development of scientific knowledge, skills, and attitudes through workshop sessions.

According to the Association, “The combination of the two programs continues to enhance and nurture the natural relationship between chiropractic scholarship and education.”

Chiropractic faculty presenting at the Conference were Dr. Lynn Pownall, Dr. Lisa DeMarco, Dr. John A. Taylor, Dr. Stephanie E. Mussmann, and Dr. Linaker. Two recent graduates, Dr. Andrea Herold, and Dr. Katie Van Wagenen also presented.

Dr. Heidi Bonderud, an alumna, displayed her poster presentation titled: “A survey of chiropractic use among runners, a pilot study.”

Assisting at the event were D’Youville students Newton Huynh and Giuseppe De Divitiis.

The three department papers presented were all nominated for ‘best paper’ at the conference, Dr. Linaker said.

The Association of Chiropractic Colleges is comprised of accredited chiropractic educational programs in North American and affiliate member institutions worldwide. It seeks to advance chiropractic education, research and service.


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