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DYC Recruitment Efforts Target DoDDS Schools in Germany

Buffalo, New York – January 30, 2014 – International admissions recruiters Ron Dannecker and Brandon Moran travelled to Germany to make 13 admissions presentations at five Department of Defense Dependents Schools, Europe (DoDDS Europe) during an eight-day trip last October. During this trip, they also represented DYC at two college fairs.

“I estimate we presented to approximately 800 American high school students who are interested in attending college in U.S.,” Dannecker said.

DoDDS Europe operates 80 schools, both primary and secondary, within five districts throughout Europe, and serves over 33,000 school-age children of active duty military and civilian employees. 

While in Germany, D'Youville recruiters targeted the Kaiserslautern District, the largest of five districts there. “While there are larger districts in the Pacific, with our limited personnel we can only concentrate on the Kaiserslautern District in Germany,” Dannecker pointed out.

Dannecker and Moran presented to multiple classes at Ramstein High School, on the Air Force base in the Rhineland-Palatinate area; Kaiserslautern High School; Bitburg High School near Spangdehlem; Stuttgart High School at Alexander M. Patch Barracks in Stuttgart; and Wiesbaden High School. The DYC recruiters also represented D’Youville at the annual Kaiserslautern College Fair at the army base which attracts over 1500 students and parents from bases near the German city.

“This is one of the largest college fairs in Europe and we have been coming here for a number of years," Dannecker said. “The DoDDS market is large and it takes time to develop high school connections with both teachers, guidance counselors, and the students. Our first DoDDS student recruited from our earlier trips will be graduating in May 2014. I expect the number to increase as we expand our international recruitment efforts.”

A number of Western New York colleges were also in attendance at the Kaiserslautern Fair.

A number of presentations were made to students in ‘Advancement via Individual Determination’ (AVID) classes. They are “designed to increase school wide learning and performance” according to the AVID organization. Jennifer Heinen, a counselor at Bitburg High School who is familiar with the D’Youville team, said the students really appreciate the colleges and universities who travel to Europe and visit their high schools. “It makes them feel a part of the mainland higher education system and not so isolated from their U.S. counterparts,” she said.

Dannecker is retired from the U.S. Navy and like the military dependent students he talks to, his family traveled the world. He has been recruiting at the DoDDS Schools for a number of years.

"The students feel he can relate well with them because of his background,” Heinen said. “Moran brings a younger perspective to the recruiting effort, which the students relate well to,” she added.

A number of admissions applications were brought home and the office is now answering inquiries from the schools visited.

D’Youville has expanded international recruiting efforts into China and India, seeking students for a number of programs and also developing mutually beneficial agreements with educational institutions. Dr. Arup Sen, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Dannecker have made trips to both countries to finalize special agreements.

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