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Dillion Scholarship Reception Set for Oct 16

Buffalo, New York – September 24, 2013 – D’Youville College will hold its 27th Annual Michael F. & Eleaine Dillon Presidential Scholarship Reception on Wednesday, October 16 at the Buffalo Club, 388 Delaware Avenue.

The event raises funds for the Dillon Scholarship that provides full tuition to a student selected for the honor. The scholarship covers full tuition for a four-year degree or a five-year combined degree program.

The D’Youville College Community Service Award will be presented to Rosemary O’Connor Lawley, '60 and Russell J. Salvatore for their contributions to the Western New York Community.

The reception also honors the contributions of the Dillon family for their service to D’Youville.

Michael F. Dillon, who was the Presiding Justice of the State Appellate Division in Rochester at the time of his death in 1991, was trustee of the college and unofficial personal advisor to Sister Denise A. Roche, president of D’Youville.

His son, Kevin M. Dillon, a Justice of the New York State Supreme Court of the Eighth Judicial District in Buffalo was a member of D’Youville’s Board from 1999 to 2008.

“The Dillon Scholarship is a reminder of what is possible and our desire to help D’Youville provide educational opportunities to qualified students,” says Justice Dillon. “The family has enjoyed a long and continuing relationship with D’Youville.”


For more information, call 716-829-7805.