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D'Youville School of Nursing Receives $1.039M Grant

The new grant is expected to serve 100 students.

Buffalo, New York – July 16, 2013 – D’Youville College School of Nursing has received a $1.039 million three-year federal grant from the Department of Health and Human Services to expand education opportunities and increase diversity among students seeking to receive a nursing degree. The award is a continuation of a previously awarded Nursing Workforce Diversity Program (NWD) grant, and is the third consecutive grant for the program.

The first three-year grant was received in 2007 and served 50 high school and college students; the second in 2010 serving the same number of students. The new grant is expected to serve 100 students over the three-year life of the grant.

“It is important to continue providing nursing education opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds," says Karen Kwandrans, interim director of D’Youville’s Leaning Center and former Director of the Diversity Program, who led the grant preparation. "The grant program aligns well with the mission and history of the college."

The program is designed to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities in nursing and align with Healthy People 2020, a Department of Health and Human Services program designed to guide national health promotion and disease prevention.

Other goals are to create a unique and ambitions pipeline program for students and faculty to increase diversity in public health and biomedical science professions.

Included are plans to recruit and prepare Western New York high school students for graduation and entry in post-secondary nursing programs; recruit, train and retain freshman nursing students and provide supportive social and academic services to retain them.

“Bringing people of diverse backgrounds and experiences together facilitates innovative strategic practices that enhance the health of all people which will lead to decreased health disparities,” Kwandrans says.


Dr. Kathleen Mariano, associate professor of nursing at 716-829-7855.