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Agreement Established Chinese University

Agreement Established with Chinese University

Buffalo, New York – May 13, 2013 – China is the most populous nation in the world with more than 1 billion people, a fifth of all of the humans on earth. The sheer numbers are attractive to college recruiters and for the past decade, American colleges and universities have increased their efforts to enroll Chinese students.

It also helps to achieve global diversity on campus and adds to the bottom line for small schools.

D’Youville College recently established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine in the city of Guangxi located in the southern part of China on the border with Vietnam.

The MOU focuses on three general areas:

  • Cooperation on Master’s/Doctoral degrees in medical education.
  • Development of a summer camp for Guangxi University students offering the students an opportunity to experience English and medical course work while enjoying the WNY culture and area.
  • Exchange of information as a basis for the establishment of joint research programs.

“We will also exchange information about chiropractic, nursing, pharmacy and public health management,” said Dr. Arup Sen, vice-president for academic affairs at D’Youville who travelled to China with Ronald H. Dannecker, director of international admissions, to set up the agreement.

Discussions were also held on joint research programs in the medical field.

Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine was founded in 1956 and provides education in medical science, pharmaceutical science, engineering and business management. It has 14 faculties, 10 affiliated hospitals, a traditional Chinese Medicine school and an affiliated pharmaceutical factory.

The university has more than 2800 staff members, including 176 professors, 184 Ph.D. supervisors and enrolls 15,000 full time students in 18 academic majors, according to the University.

It was authorized to enroll foreign students in 1976 and “more than 1500 students and physicians from over 40 countries have been trained by Guangxi.

In 2012, the Washington D.C. based National Journal said," almost 200,000 Chinese students joined North American universities in the last academic year, an increase of 23 percent from the previous year according to the Institute of International Education.” “Recruiting in the international market is now commonplace among all college and universities and it is adding to the diversity found on the campus and in American society,” said Ron Dannecker, Director of International Admissions & Marketing.


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