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Two Dietetics Faculty Receive Awards

Two Dietetics Faculty to Receive Awards

Buffalo, New York – March 19, 2013 – Linda Mocny and Megan D. Whelan, faculty in the Dietetics Department at D'Youville College, will be honored for outstanding service and exceptional educational work in their field.

In honor of outstanding service, Linda Mocny, clinical assistant professor and adjunct instructor, has been selected for the 2013 Distinguished Dietitian Award by the New York State Dietetic Association (NYSDA).

She has been a member for 10 years, served on the Board of Directors and was previously president of the Association. Mocny was recognized for educational contributions to the dietetics profession, advocacy for the profession, which includes legislative initiatives, community service, research, and recognition by dietitians and other professionals.

The Association is one of the largest groups of nutrition professionals in New York State with more than 5000 members. It provides nutrition information and educational and legislative support to the field.

Mocny is also an adjunct Instructor at Buffalo State College.

Previously, she was Director of Food Services at Mount St. Mary’s Hospital & Health Center in Lewiston for 16 years.

Mocny received her B.S. degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Buffalo State College, and earned her Master of Science in Health Service Administration from D’Youville.

She will receive her award at the NYSDA Annual Meeting on May 3-4 in Rochester, N.Y.

Megan D. Whelan, a registered dietitian and a clinical instructor at the college received the 2013 Outstanding Dietetic Education Award from the Area 7 Nutrition and Dietetics Educators and Preceptors (NDEP) group.

The award recognizes the teaching, mentoring, and leadership activities of faculty and preceptors in accredited dietetics education programs. The recipient demonstrated innovative teaching skills and techniques; mentoring as documented by letters from students; and demonstrated leadership at national, state or district association activates. Community service, honors received, scientific and professional presentations and publications are also considered.

The group is the advocate of the dietetic profession serving the public through the promotion of optimal nutrition, health and well-being.

Whelan earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts and her Master’s degree in nutrition from the University at Buffalo. She received her Registered Dietitian designation from the American Dietetic Association in 1999.

In 2010, Whelen was recognized by the WNY Dietetic Association as ‘Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year Award’; she was selected as ‘Dietetics Faculty of the Year’ by D’Youville in 2008 and received the Rachman Scholarship from the University at Buffalo in 2003 and 2004.

Whelan will receive her award and the NDEP Annual Area Meeting in Charlottesville, Virginia on April 11-12.


Dr. Charlotte Baumgart, Dietetics Dept. Chair at 716-829-7752