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Spencer Authors Book on Nursing Profession

D'Youville Alumna Authors Book on Nursing Profession

Buffalo, New York – October 19, 2012 –  A D'Youville nursing graduate, Jacqueline Spencer, RN, BSN, is the lead author of a new non-fiction book on the career of nursing. The book sheds light on the profession "with insight – and a healthy dose of humor, from three insiders with nearly a century combined nursing experience," her publisher, Outskirts Press said in a release.

Titled, "Nursing Jambalaya with Gumbo on the Side: Nurses Speak Out," Spencer, along with Lynell Whittington-Brignac, RN, and Beverly S. Ward, RN, MSN, drew from more than 30 years' nursing experience each and has true-life tales to tell. The title is a nod to her Jamaican roots.

The authors debunk many of the misconceptions about the profession and reveal truths about nursing that even many practicing professionals don't know, the publisher states. "The book offers entertaining revelations to those considering a nursing career, or active nurses who want to explore other facets of the profession, such as research, education or public health outreach. Both types of readers will come away with a greater appreciation and understanding of the calling, and perhaps a few laughs along the way."

“I wanted to give today’s nurses and nursing students something to look back at and to include some humorous situations that happened to me and my co-authors,” Spencer said in a telephone interview. “I’m very proud of my profession and wanted to share with it with others.”

An effusive review on Amazon said, “This entertaining and educational book is the perfect read for those who are already nurses… and those who want a greater appreciation and understanding of an amazing calling and way of life. While most of us think of nurses as those providing the office and bedside care that no doctor can do without, Nursing Jambalaya shows the diversity of the nursing profession, including research, education, serving in the armed forces, public health outreach. But the heart of Nursing Jambalaya is the heart of nursing itself; helping patients to recover, and standing by patients and their families during difficult and frightening times.”

The review encourages the reader to “celebrate a profession built on nurturing, healing, dedication, and selflessness – and have a few laughs along the way, as the authors show you their profession through the eyes of those who have lived and loved nursing for decades.”

Spencer, a writer with sense of humor, has written two other books, “You’ve Got a Friend” and “Love Has No Conscience,” under her pen name, Girlras. Whittington-Brignac is a graduate of Lamar University and has three decades’ experience in medical/surgical and psychiatric nursing. Ward is a nurse educator with 30 years’ clinical nursing experience.

Spencer worked as a psychiatric nurse locally at Buffalo General Hospital and Bry Lin Hospital. She was also on staff at the former Jefferson Davis Hospital and Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center in Houston.

A native of Jamaica, the former Jacquelyn Bailey, came to Buffalo as a young girl, attended School 37 and Lafayette High School.

“My father, who only finished the third grade in Jamaica, told us children that nursing, teaching and banking were excellent professions to get into and he made sure we went to school, studied hard and looked for those professions,” she said laughing. He insisted I go to D’Youville and he went to the campus and pleaded my case,” she recalled. “I was accepted.” “God has been good to me and D’Youville gave me an excellent education. My parents were proud of me and my profession.”

She is a member of the D'Youville College Class of 1978