Parent Loans

Federal Parent Plus Loans are for parents of dependant undergraduate students.

The loan is taken out solely in the parent's name and must be repaid with interest. The Federal Parent Plus Loan is not need based like other federal aid, but is a credit based loan similar to a private student loan with the benefit of having a fixed interest rate and federal guarantee.


  • The parent borrower must be the student's biological or adoptive parent. In some cases, the student's stepparent may be eligible.
  • The student and parent must be a U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens and have social security numbers.
  • The student must be considered dependant (under 24 years of age, have no dependents and cannot be married or a veteran).
  • Enrolled (minimum of half time) in an undergraduate program.
  • Parent must meet credit eligibility requirements

Applying for a Graduate Student Direct Plus Loan:

  • Check with your child's Financial Aid Counselor to determine the maximum amount you can borrow.
  • Student must complete a FAFSA
  • Apply for your loan by completing a Graduate PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Credit Check at the Department of Education website. Parents that are applying for more than one student must file separate applications for each student.
  • Your loan will be paid out directly to D'Youville College.


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