Space Policy & Requests

Campus space is to be used for the highest priority needs of the College as a whole.

DYC employees may request new space or a change in how space is allocated by completing a Space Request or Change Form (PDF) and forwarding it to the Facilities Operations Coordinator for review and processing.


The intent of the space policy is to provide a systematic approach for evaluating space acquisition based on current and projected space utilization needs and assessments. The purpose of the D'Youville College Space Policy is to establish a guideline approved by the President's Council to determine the most effective and efficient utilization of institutional spaces. It is also to promote the most effective use of the College's physical facilities.

All physical facilities belong to the College and are assigned to either a academic unit or department. Current users or occupants of the facilities do not own the space but may have control as delegated by the President's Council. A particular academic unit or department assigned to space operated by the College is subject to change.


An approved Space Request or Change Form (PDF) must be submitted before any change of use or modification to the space is performed.

The Associate Vice President for Facilities, in conjunction with the President's Council, will evaluate all approved space requests and will provide their recommendations to address the programmatic space needs.

Factors in Assigning Space

  • The interest of the College as a whole.
  • The suitability of the space and the possible future uses with anticipated or ongoing construction, renovation and planning of major space reallocations.
  • The costs incurred by granting the space and who will bear them.
  • The effects on people who must be relocated if the space request is granted.
  • Best interest of the unit's strategic plan.

Vacated Space Policy

This policy is to serve as a guideline for the allocation of space that is vacated by the tenants occupying a new building or school/college, department, unit or program that will be relocated, downsized or eliminated. When an academic unit or department vacates space the vacated space will revert to the Facilities Management and the President's Council will make recommendations for re-assignment.

If the space vacated is located in non-college leased space or occupied under an agreement, the renewal and continuance of the lease or agreement must be recommended by the President's Council before any occupancy or new negotiations take place. Any academic unit or department must send a notification that the space is no longer being used by the department or unit to the Facilities Management Department who will in-turn notify the President's Council of the vacancy. No department or college will forfeit space to another department or unit.

Re-Organized Units

If an academic unit, department or program is reorganized or eliminated, resulting in the termination of the program and/or faculty and staff, the space vacated will revert to Facilities Management Department and the President's Council will make recommendations for reassignment. If an academic unit, department or program reorganizes, but does not eliminate the program and/or faculty and staff, it is not considered vacated space and will not revert to the Facility Management Department for reassignment.

Updated: 7/26/13


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