Your D'Youville ID (or DYC ID) is a personal, unique identifier assigned to every student and employee. It is used, along with a password to get secure access to services at D'Youville, including:

  • DYC webmail (D'Youville's web-based email service)
  • STACI (if you're a student), a web-based portal where you can view your tuition bill and class registration)
  • DYC networks (for Internet access when you're on campus)
  • Computers and printing services at our campus labs

When do I get my DYC ID?

  • Students: DYC IDs are assigned when you register for classes.
  • Employees: DYC IDs are created after your hiring paperwork has been processed by DYC Human Resources.
  • If your assigned DYC ID does not work, contact the DYC Help Desk Center.

Student DYC ID


The first 5 characters of your last name + the first character of your first name + your 2 digit day of birth.


  • Name: Bob Jones
  • Date of Birth: January 12, 1990
  • User ID: jonesb12


The last 4 digits of your SSN (or SIN) + your 2 digit month of birth + your 2 digit day of birth + X$


  • Social Security Number (SSN): 123-45-6789
  • Password: 67890112X$

How do I change or reset my password?

Changing Your Login Password (PDF) describes how you can change your network/webmail password on Windows or Mac. If you have trouble with these instructions or don't remember your password, contact the Help Desk to have your password reset.

Contact Us

Computer Help Desk (for D'Youville students & employees)
Campus location: MAD 103
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Phone: (716) 829-7700
Email: helpdesk@dyc.edu


  • DYC Email

    DYC e-mail accounts are provided automatically to all students and employees. Setting up your account is easy.
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  • Avoid Viruses

    Keeping your computer secure will protect you from the hassles and inconvenience of repairing your system.
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  • Borrow Equipment

    D'Youville students and employees can borrow audio and visual equipment for meetings, events, projects, and classroom presentations.
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  • Repair & Support

    The Help Desk offers hands-on technical support for e-mail, internet and computer hardware and software (PCs and Macs).
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