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D'Youville's Help Desk Center

Offers free drop-off computer technical support and software repairs for students.  



At D'Youville College, we offer computing services to support your academic and personal success.

D'Youville Advantages:

  • Get free hands-on technical support and repairs at the DYC Help Desk Center
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) access is available across campus, including the residence halls, library, dining halls, large lecture rooms and lounge areas.
  • Access notes and readings from your classes, chat with professors or work on group projects through our distance learning website, Moodle.
  • Keep track of your class schedule, tuition bill, grades and more through STACI, D'Youville's customized web-based application for students.
  • Our state-of-the-art, spacious computer labs offer free computer access and printing services for students.
  • Audiovisual equipment like LCD projectors, sound systems and camcorders are available for student use for presentations, campus events and class projects.

Copyright Policy:

Downloading copyrighted material without purchase or authorization is illegal and against D'Youville Computing Policies. Our computing staff monitor network traffic for copyright compliance on a continual basis. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has stepped up enforcement of copyright laws and the monetary penalties for copyright infractions are significant. Legal downloading alternatives are available on many sites. For more on the facts about copyright infringement go to Respect Copyrights FAQ.


  • DYC Email

    DYC e-mail accounts are provided automatically to all students and employees. Setting up your account is easy.
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  • Avoid Viruses

    Keeping your computer secure will protect you from the hassles and inconvenience of repairing your system.
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  • Borrow Equipment

    D'Youville students and employees can borrow audio and visual equipment for meetings, events, projects, and classroom presentations.
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  • Repair & Support

    The Help Desk offers hands-on technical support for e-mail, internet and computer hardware and software (PCs and Macs).
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