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Shoshanna Zucker, PhD

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Assistant Professor

Pharmacy (School of)

DAC 434



Dr. Shoshanna Zucker joined the Faculty of D’Youville Pharmacy School in 2013.Prior to this position, she was a Senior Scientist at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.Her work there focused on gene regulation of oxidative stress and cancer.She continues to conduct collaborative research at Roswell Park and maintains the title of Faculty Emeritus.

Dr. Zucker also collaborates with a team of Electrical Engineers at the University at Buffalo where she has demonstrated that non-thermal plasma can selectively induce apoptotic cell death in melanoma cells. Her current research is focused on elucidating the mechanisms of cell death by non-thermal plasma and utilizing genetic and pharmacological methods to enhance this effect.

Dr. Zucker has co-authored numerous publications and grants and was a former recipient of the NIH NRSA fellowship.Dr. Zucker also has a background in teaching at UB and Roswell Park. She is currently teaching the Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology course at D’Youville Pharmacy School.

Education & Training

Research Interests

Gap junctions and cancer

Oxidative stress and cancer progression

Non-thermal plasma as a tool to induce apoptotic cell death in melanoma


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