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Brian H. Wrotniak, PT, PhD

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Professor / Director, Center for Health Behavior Research

Certified Graduate Member, Center for Health Behavior Research, Physical Therapy (Academic Department)

KAB 321


716-829-7680 fax


As a physical therapist and epidemiologist trained in behavioral medicine and community health, Dr. Wrotniak has more than 10 years of experience in the scientific and clinical aspects of behavioral medicine and public health, in particular as they relate to child health and obesity. Through his postdoctoral training in pediatric epidemiology at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania, where he maintains adjunct appointments, he has a broad understanding of the application and administration of various scientific, clinical and public health aspects of child health.

Dr. Wrotniak has been an Investigator on a number of NIH-funded grants which have examined the effectiveness of family-based behavioral treatment for pediatric obesity, the effectiveness of using behavioral strategies for obesity prevention in the primary care setting, as well as research on the association between weight loss and bone health in adolescents. Internationally, Dr. Wrotniak has been working to understand nutrition and epidemiologic transitions related to the development of obesity in adolescents in Botswana, Africa. Dr. Wrotniak is an Editorial Board member for the journal Pediatric Physical Therapy, a member of the American Public Health Association, and a Pediatric Obesity Task Force member for the American Physical Therapy Association. He is an expert in developing and administering family-based behavioral programs for pediatric obesity prevention and treatment studies.

Dr. Wrotniak is Director of the Center for Health Behavior Research at D’Youville College, an interdisciplinary research center that aims to address current and emerging child health problems locally, domestically and globally. The Center focus is on conducting scientific research to better understand the causes and consequences of obesity on child health, and the application of academic and clinical research for the development of individual, community and public health approaches for pediatric obesity prevention and treatment.

Education & Training

Research Interests

Biobehavioral aspects of childhood weight control; cardiovascular disease and obesity

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