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Joseph Jurkowski, CPA, CRA, MBA, PhD

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Assistant Professor

Certified Graduate Member, Business (Academic Department)



716-829-7660 fax


Dr. Jurkowski has a PhD in Business Administration from Columbia Pac University and an MBA from Niagara University. He has over 20 years management experience at Roswell Cancer Institute serving as Director of Health Research.

Education & Training

Research Interests

International business; international financial reporting standards; investments


Jurkowski, Joseph: Creation of Wealth: Leadership and Decision Making Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs. UMI Co., DAO72699, 1996

Global Portfolio Investment: A Case for The Brazilian Equity Market. In Process.

Stimulus Funding in the United States; Effect on World Economy. In Process.

Business Research Consortium Conference, SUNY Brockport, April 2011

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