Julia Hall

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Julia Hall, PhD
Professor of Sociology
Certified Graduate Member, Liberal Arts, Sociology
ALT 624
(716) 829-7840

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Research Interests

Dr. Hall’s research focus includes girls and young women in urban contexts and cultures of violence and silencing; and school and community experiences of students and families in economically and racially marginalized urban neighborhoods.  She has published extensively in these areas.  Her research methods include ethnography and policy analysis.  Dr. Hall has been awarded the AAUP Chapter Scholar of the Year Award in 2005 and most recently an AESA Critics’ Choice Book Award in 2013 for her Human Rights and Schoolchildren volume.  For over a decade she has served as peer review editor for the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies where she also sits on the editorial advisory board.  For many years Dr. Hall has been actively engaged in her urban community working alongside youth, families, educators, and neighborhood leaders building social justice-oriented partnerships in the pursuit of structural change.


[Select publications]

Hall, J. (Ed.). (Under Contract). Female students and cultures of violence and silencing in urban contexts: An era of public repression. New York: Routledge.

Hall, J.  (Ed.).  (2014).  Underprivileged school children and the assault on dignity: Policy challenges and resistance.  New York: Routledge.

Hall, J.  (2013).  The control of food among schoolchildren who have been racially and economically marginalized across the cityscape.  Journal of Education Policy, 29 (6).

Hall, J.  (Ed.).   (2013). Children’s human rights and public schools in the United States.  New York: Sense Publishers.

Hall, J.  (2012).  Water is a right: A critique of curricular materials and learning experiences in schools sponsored by the transnational water utility service industry.  The Journal of Critical Education, 3 (2), 12-35.

Hall, J. (2008). It hurts to be a girl: Growing up poor, white, and female.  In Kathleen Ferraro (Ed.).  Women’s lives.  Allyn & Bacon: New York.