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Joseph Dunn, PhD

Profile Photo

Professor; Associate Dean for Research

Certified Graduate Member, Pharmacy (School of)

DAC 441


716-829-8436 fax


Professor Dunn offers an extensive background in the areas of Chemistry and Pharmacology. His research interests include looking at the role of inflammation in the generation and maintenance of chronic diseases. In addition, he studied the design and development of novel chemotherapeutic agents.

Education & Training

Research Interests

Discovery and development of improved anti-cancer and anti-bacterial agents


Chadha, KA, Dembinski, WE, Dunn, CB, Aradi, J., Bardos, TJ, Dunn, JA, & Ambrus, JA (2004) Effect of increasing thiolation of the polycytidylic acid strand of poly I:poly C on the alpha, beta and gamma interferon-inducing properties, antiviral and antiproliferative activities. Antiviral Res. 64(3):171-7.

Horvath, A., Tokes, S., Hartman, T., Watson, K, Turpin, J.A., Buckheit, Jr., R.W., Sebestyen, A., Szollosi, J., Benko, I., Bardos, T.J., Dunn, JA, Fesus, L., Ferenc, Toth,

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