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Withdrawal From the College

Withdrawal From the College

A student intending to withdraw from D’Youville must contact the department chair in person or in writing and submit the proper withdrawal forms to the Office of the Registrar.

Withdrawal will be considered effective the date the written intent of withdrawal is received. The procedure is not complete until the written intent is properly filed with the college.

If the withdrawal procedure is completed mid-semester, courses for which the student is currently enrolled will be assigned the grade of W. No tuition refund will be made after the sixth week of the semester (or after dates stated in the liability schedule).

Discontinuance of attendance, notifying instructors or mere telephone contact with college personnel DOES NOT constitute an official withdrawal. Students remain academically and financially responsible for all courses for which they have enrolled until the withdrawal procedure has been finalized with the registrar’s office.

All students withdrawing from the college, are encouraged to participate in an exit interview. Contact the Office of Retention Services for more information.


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