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Grade Points

Grade points are awarded according to the grades earned. The grade point average (G.P.A.) is obtained by dividing the total number of grade points by the total number of semester hours of credit attempted, exclusive of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grades.

Grade Point Definitions & Categorizations

Letter Grade Grade Definition Quality Points Per Semester Numerical Average
A Excellent 4.00 93-100
A-   3.67  90-92
B+   3.33 87-89
B Good 3.00 83-86
B-   2.67 80-82
C+   2.33 77-79
C* Average 2.00 73-76
C-   1.67 70-72
D+   1.33 67-69
D Less than Average 1.00 63-66
D- Minimum Passing Grade 0.67 60-62
F Failure 0.00  Below 60
FX Failure for Non-Attendance 0.00  
I** Incomplete 0.00  
CIP** Course in Progress 0.00  
NG No Grade Submitted    
R Course Repeated 0.00  
S Satisfactory Completion of Minimal Requirements for Course 0.00  
U Unsatisfactory 0.00  
UX Unsatisfactory Non-Attendance    
W*** Withdrawal Without Penalty  0.00  

* Minimum acceptable grade applicable to a graduate degree.

** The grade of I becomes an F if the work is not completed by April 20th (for fall courses), August 20th (for spring courses), or December 5th (for summer courses). An I automatically becomes an F if the student does not complete a deferred examination before the date determined by the professor involved. I grades will be replaced with the earned grade upon course completion. Students will not be allowed to register for a course for which a prerequisite has been established, if a grade of incomplete has been received in the prerequisite course and has not been replaced by an acceptable grade before the course begins.

*** A course may be dropped without academic penalty until the end of the tenth week of the semester. An F is given after that time.

Grade Reports

Approximately two weeks after the close of the semester, grade reports are available to students via the D’Youville website using the Self-Service section of the DYC Portal. If a mailed grade report is requested for employment or health insurance verification, it will be sent to the permanent address provided by the student.

Grade Change

Grades that have been recorded in the registrar’s office can be changed only through consent of the faculty member and with the permission of the appropriate dean. Forms for this purpose are available to faculty in the Office of the Registrar.

I Grade

The grade of I (incomplete) is used when the instructor is not prepared to give a final mark for the semester, either because of the student’s illness or some other justifiable delay in the completion of the course requirements.

Application for an I grade can be made on a form issued by the registrar’s office that must include the instructor’s signature. Alternatively, instructors can submit I grades directly to the registrar. The grade of I becomes an F if the work is not completed by April 20th (for fall courses), August 20th (for spring courses), or December 5th (for summer courses). An incomplete grade deadline extension (to the next scheduled deadline) must be approved by the professor and may only be granted by the vice president for academic affairs or dean, as appropriate. If the work is still not completed and another extension is not granted, then the I grade will become an F or U.

Students who complete work for a course in which they have received an “I” grade may request a revised grade report from the registrar’s office.

Grades in Thesis/Project Advisement

Graduate students receiving a second consecutive grade of unsatisfactory (“U”) in GRA 629 will be dismissed from the program.

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