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Public Health

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Public Health Minor (18 Credit Hours)

The minor consists of six courses (18 credits). The first five courses are foundational courses for public health majors. For the sixth course students may select one elective from a list of courses approved for the public health major. Public health focuses on the health of populations rather than individuals and in an excellent complement to many clinical degrees.

Required Courses:

Course Number Course Name Credits
HSM 110

Introduction to Public Health

Public health aims to prevent and treat disease and to promote and protect health through strategies that engage the community. This course will examine the history of public health as well as core areas of public health including assessment, assurance and policy development. Students will learn about health promotion and disease promotion and disease prevention of communicable and non-communicable disease social and behavioral aspects of health, epidemiology, environmental health and health policy.

Prerequisites: None

SOC 400

Social Epidemiology

This course focuses on social epidemiology,the factors determining the occurrence and distribution of disease,health defects,disability and death among groups. The interdisciplinary nature of epidemiological theory,statistical measures commonly used,and an analysis of the distribution of health care in the United States are studied.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: None

PH 301

Health Behavior

This course will review the determinants of health-related behavior and important theories, as well as discuss how these theories can be practically applied in planning, implementing, and evaluating public health programs. This course will begin to answer the meta-question as it relates to health behavior: "Why do people do what they do?"

Prerequisites: HSM-110

PH 302

Global Health

This course will prepare future health professionals to work in a global market whether it is in their local community or in some faraway land. This course will provide insights in understanding global health issues and the improvement of health at a population level.

Prerequisites: HSM-110

HSM 312

Health Edu Program Planning & Evaluation

This course focuses on health education at the individual and population levels. Students will learn how to conduct a community diagnosis, mobilize communities for action in promoting healthy behaviors at individual and community levels. Students will learn how to align strategies with Healthy People 2010 and measure improvements.

Prerequisites: None


One Elective from BIO 117, BIO 208, PSY 353, SOC 322, SOC 323, HIS 336, HSM 210, HSM 220, HSM 406 or PSC 250

Choose one elective from BIO 117, BIO 208, PSY 353, SOC 322, SOC 323, HIS 336, HSM 220, HSM 406 or PSC 250
Total 18

* List is not exhaustive.