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Medical Sociology

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Medical Sociology Minor (Minimum of 15 Credit Hours)

This minor is open to any student who is not already majoring in Sociology. It is especially tailored to students pursuing careers in health care who are interested in learning about how to better understand the broad patient population which they will experience, while improving the health of others by better appreciating how health and illness are experienced in society. Specifically, students will learn about how things like gender, race, class, ability, sexual orientation, and educational attainment – among other factors – result in differential access to and quality of health care.

Course Number Course Name Credits

One Elective

Choose one elective from SOC-101 or SOC-102.
SOC 309

Soc of Disability & Rehabilitation

The consequences of disability can have an impact at many levels. The effects of disability(personal,interpersonal and cultural)have significant implications for persons with disabilities,rehabilitation workers and the rehabilitation system. This course will analyze the effects of disability within a sociology framework.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: SOC-101 SOC-102

SOC 313

Health Disparities

This course will explore how socioeconomic status, place, race, and ethnicity affect health disparities; how these characteristics play out in a case study; the implications of these disparities on society as a whole; effective strategies for limiting health disparities; and how local community members are utilizing these strategies to promote positive change.

Prerequisites: None

SOC 322

Health Illness & Society

This is a critical survey and analysis of theory and research on health institutions in modern society as well as social etiology of disease,sociological components in treatment,hospital organization and medical practice and sociology of medical education.

Prerequisites: SOC-101 or SOC-102

SOC 400

Social Epidemiology

This course focuses on social epidemiology,the factors determining the occurrence and distribution of disease,health defects,disability and death among groups. The interdisciplinary nature of epidemiological theory,statistical measures commonly used,and an analysis of the distribution of health care in the United States are studied.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: None

Total 15