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Management Minor (15 Credit Hours)

The management minor provides a foundation in management skills—a “plus” for career advancement. Management skills are extremely useful in any interpersonal job or in a job with advancement potential based on management ability. Many jobs, such as administrative assistant and social worker, require skills in management. Not only does this minor aid in career advancement, but it also provides a broader background for admission to graduate programs in different management areas.

Required Courses:

Course Number Course Name Credits
MGT 305

Principles of Management

This course focuses on the nature and theory of management. It emphasizes the functional application of the basic principles of management to realistic business situations.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: None

MKT 304

Principles of Marketing

The course focuses on the fundamental concepts of marketing, such as analyses of buyer behavior, product development and distribution, and marketing research, planning and forecasting.
Offered in: Spring Only
Prerequisites: None


Three Electives from MGT, MKT or HRM courses

Choose three electives from the areas of Management, Marketing, and Human Resource Management.
Total 15