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Entrepreneurship Minor (12 Credit Hours)

The purpose of the minor in entrepreneurship is to enable students to expand their skills and knowledge in small business/ practice management. The structured minor is designed to teach students managerial, financial and marketing concepts related to small business ownership.

The minor is geared toward students who may want to gain expertise in entrepreneurship/ small business management or want to own or manage a practice in the future. NOTE: The entrepreneurship structured minor is available only to non-management majors.

Required Courses:

Course Number Course Name Credits
ACC 211

Principles of Accounting I

This is a foundation course dealing with accounting principles and procedures with emphasis on the entire accounting cycle, special journals,control accounts and subsidiary ledgers.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: None

MGT 305

Principles of Management

This course focuses on the nature and theory of management. It emphasizes the functional application of the basic principles of management to realistic business situations.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: None

MGT 321

Entrepreneurship 1

The course is a study of entrepreneurship in today’s small business or private practice environment. The student will be brought through the processes of starting and developing one’s own business or practice, from the original product or service concept through the birth and growth of the organization. The course will be presented in the context of applicable New York state law.

Prerequisites: None

MGT 323

Entrepreneurship II

Using skills acquired in MGT 321, students develop a formal business plan which includes marketing, management, financial and operational components of a business.
Offered in: Spring Only
Prerequisites: Mgt-321

Total 12