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ENG 236 : Writing for Social Justice

This course explores writing as a powerful tool for community activism and political action. Students will read, discuss, and write a variety of genres explicitly connected to social and political progressivism, including: personal narratives, letters to the editor, op-ed columns, videos, debate arguments, interviews, blogs, Twitter feed, Facebook pages, online petitions, interactive media projects, etc. The course will also explore the role of DIY art, film, and performance, digital activism, and social media as vehicles of participatory social and political action. Assignments will be designed to foster both expressive and critical thinking and writing skills, problem-solving, the ability to research, organize, and synthesize material, and to generate writing that will deeply explore and interrogate social and political systems, particularly those that produce and perpetuate injustices.
3 Credits
Prerequisites: ENG-111 ENG-112