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ENG 231 : Field Work: the Art of Reading and Writing Nature

This course is designed for students interested in understanding and participating in the exploratory, reflective and/or activist tradition of nature writing at a moment in the 21st century when the very concept of "nature" has been irreversibly changed. Students will gain an historical, ethical, literary and writerly grounding in this nonfiction tradition/genre by examining a wide array of techniques and processes, from the scientific to the spiritual, employed in works of nature writing. Students will apply and practice the processes and techniques of effective nature writing by discovering and tracing their own literary paths into an original landscape and by articulating a personal poetics of emplacement. While we will meet in the virtual world, this class is also conceived as a field course, providing students the opportunity to study and learn outside. In addition to producing a body of individual writings, students will work collaboratively to imagine and design a green space/community garden on D'Youville's campus or on Buffalo's west side. This course is crosslisted with FA-231.
3 Credits
Prerequisites: ENG-111