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CHR 675 : EIP V: Evidence-Informed Clinical Mgmt

This capstone lecture course is the fifth in the evidence-informed practice (EIP) sequence of courses. It provides the student with an understanding of the principles and practices of EIP and its importance in patient-centered care. The course reflects a synthesis of all prerequisite courses in the chiropractic program and prepares the student to implement evidence-informed chiropractic in primary care model. Emphasis will be placed on the application of patient centered,evidence-informed best practice protocols, and the use of integrative clinical management strategies to improve health outcomes. The student will learn effective communication and documentation for a wide range of healthcare related activities which include patient care,professional communication,health education,record keeping,and reporting.
4 Credits
Prerequisites: CHR-675L

CHR 675L : Eip V: Evidence-Informed Clin Mgmt Lab

This lab accompanies Chr 675 Capstone course.
3 Credits
Prerequisites: CHR-675