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CHE 412 : Spectroscopy

This is a one-semester course in the fundaments of spectroscopy. This course will cover ultra-violet spectrometry, mass spectrometry, infrared spectrometry, proton (H) magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometry, 13C NMR spectrometry,correlation spectrometry (1H-J1 COSY AND 1-13c COSTY) and spectrometry of other important nuclei (e.g., 19F and 31P) to aid in the elucidation and structural confirmation of a wide variety of organic molecules and/or biologically relevant molecules
3 Credits
Prerequisites: CHE-101 CHE-101L CHE-102 CHE-102L CHE-219 CHE-219L CHE-220 CHE-220L CHE-303 CHE-303L