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Public Health

Course Number Course Name Credits
PH 301

Health Behavior

This course will review the determinants of health-related behavior and important theories, as well as discuss how these theories can be practically applied in planning, implementing, and evaluating public health programs. This course will begin to answer the meta-question as it relates to health behavior: "Why do people do what they do?"

Prequisites: HSM-110

PH 302

Global Health

This course will prepare future health professionals to work in a global market whether it is in their local community or in some faraway land. This course will provide insights in understanding global health issues and the improvement of health at a population level.

Prequisites: HSM-110

PH 389

Special Topics

Prequisites: None

PH 410

Capstone Project

The Capstone experience will be designed to integrate, synthesize and apply knowledge as developed throughout the student's academic program. Students will be eligible to complete their capstone in their junior or senior year (senior status will be required for the Thesis option). The undergraduate student will have four options for completion of the capstone requirement: internship, study abroad, Honors thesis, or independent study All capstone experiences will require prior approval from the Chair before work can begin. Prereqquisite junior or senior standing in the major.

Prequisites: None

PH 999

Public Health Transfer Elective

Course transfers in as a public health elective.

Prequisites: None