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Global Studies

Course Number Course Name Credits
GLS 101

Global Culture I Gov Tech Social Thought

This course offers analysis of political philosophies and governments in the modern world and promotes cross-cultural understanding: reviews racial, ethnic and sexual issues from a minority-majority perspective; and deals with issues of discrimination and oppression. The course will cover world history leading up to the current diffusion of population and the emergence of modern forms of communication and transportation that appropriate areas of inquiry for students in a professional program.

Prerequisites: None

GLS 102

Global Culture II Lit Phil and the Arts

Multiple perspectives and modes of representation of global issues are examined using a variety of sources in order to equip students with the skills to analyze and evaluate different artistic representations and interpretations. This course explores topics in literature and the arts that are international in scope, whether through specific influences or in response to historical, philosophical, political and aesthetic developments.

Prerequisites: None

GLS 344

Study Abroad

An independent research project is conducted in a foreign country. Students will work individually with a program faculty advisor to devise a suitable course of study. This may involve participation in course work in a foreign institution, subject to approval of the global studies advisory committee.

Prerequisites: None

GLS 444


The global studies internship is a variable credit (3-12 hours) required course that encourages juniors/seniors to investigate a career through a placement in a professional setting or in development of future projects (graduate study). This allows students to work under guidance of an immediate supervisor and/or a college faculty sponsor.

Prerequisites: None