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Course Number Course Name Credits
FRE 101

French Level I

This course is for beginners or those with one year or less of high school French, who need to strengthen basic understanding, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Prerequisites: None

FRE 102

French Level II

This course is a continuation of FRE 101.

Prerequisites: FRE-101 or Two Years of Highschool French

FRE 201

French Level III

This course further develops basic concepts and provides more intensive drills in basic skills.

Prerequisites: FRE-102 or Three Years of Highschool French

FRE 202

French Level IV

This course is a continuation of FRE 201.

Prerequisites: FRE-201 or Four Years of Highschool French

FRE 400

French Internship

This course gives students the opportunity to gain more exposure to and practice of the French language and culture in a professional setting that is in keeping with their own educational and vocational goals. Students will apply their skills in the written and oral forms of communication in a research or community internship placement that might include local nonprofit organizations, health clinics, or art galleries. Through agreement among the instructor/internship coordinator, the student, and the internship supervisor, the student will participate in an internship(s) for a minimum of 150 hours for the semester (approximately 10 hours per week).

Prerequisites: None