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Course Number Course Name Credits
ANA 601

Research Methods in Anatomy I

This course provides guidance to the student in the formulation of an original anatomical project. The student will identify their project, and develop a research plan that includes embryology, histology, neurology and comparative and gross anatomy of their topic, and initiate the introduction and methods sections of a publishable paper and convey their progress to classmates. Students will consider the function of the IRB and assess of the appropriateness of different statistical analyses.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: None

ANA 602

Research Methods in Anatomy II

This course is a continuation of ANA 601 Research Methods in Anatomy I. This is a cadaver-based course in which the student will study and independently dissect additional regions of the cadaver that were exclusively faculty demonstrations during their gross anatomy course (BIO 639). In addition, the student will then perform a thorough dissection of the region of their project topic defined in ANA 601. Emphasis will be placed on correlation of the embryology and histology of the region, and clinical and epidemiology implications of the region. The pathology present will be analyzed. The student will gain experience assisting the instructor(s) in anatomy laboratories. Students will perform the research and analysis needed to complete the publishable manuscript begun in ANA 601.
Offered in: Spring and Summer
Prerequisites: (BIO-639 BIO-639L) or take (BIO-505 BIO-505L), ANA-601