Students of Concern Committee

What we do:

  • Provide a centralized collection of concerns from faculty, staff, and other students regarding student distress and potential harm to self or others.
  • Intervene early and provide support for the campus community.
  • Coordinate follow-up actions (counseling, judicial consequences, disability services, hospitalization, etc.)

Who we are:

Our committee includes representatives from these departments

Stress is normal for college students. While most students cope successfully with college demands, the pressures can become unmanageable and overwhelming for others. Distinct changes in appearance, attitude or behavior are often evidence that a student is in distress. 

D'Youville's Student of Concern Committee is available to confidentially review, case by case, these situations and provide guidance, consultation, action plans and referrals.

E-mail for further information or to schedule a presentation with more details on identifying students of concern.

Or, complete an online form to report your concerns.

Early detection and successful referral are important components of student assistance.



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