Part-time Housing

D'Youville College offers residence in Marguerite Hall and the Apartment Complex on a part-time basis (1-3 nights a week) when spaces are available. Availability is determined after all full-time residents and returning part-time residents have been assigned space in the building.

Preference in both halls will be given according to the number of nights a student will be staying (Someone needing 2 nights will have preference over someone needing only 1 night), in addition to the date on which the application was received by our office.

Please note that part-time occupancy in the Fall and Spring semester does not begin until the 3rd week of classes, in accordance with the colleges Add/Drop period. 

Marguerite Hall

  • All part-time residents share a room with either a full-time resident or another part-time resident.
  • A meal plan is not included but part-time residents can purchase plans or pay on a meal-by-meal basis.
  • Part-time residents can leave their items in the room from week to week.

Apartment Complex

  • All part-time residents will live with 3 other apartment mates.
  • A meal plan is not included but part time residents can purchase plans or pay on a meal-by-meal basis.
  • All apartments are fully furnished.
  • Students must provide their personal items and can leave these in the apartment week to week.

Resident Assistants and Security

A Resident Assistant (RA) is available on each floor in both Marguerite Hall  the Apartment Complex. The RA is a student staff member who lives on and supervises the floor. The RA is responsible for programming activities, enforcing rules, distributing information, and maintaining a positive living environment. Resident Assistants are available to answer questions, listen to your concerns, and to assist with your adjustment to D'Youville College.

A security guard staffs the front lobby of each residence hall 24 hours a day. Residents must present a college ID to enter the building. Visitors must sign-in and be escorted to their destination.

Apply Now

Availability: (Updated 8/11/14)  Based upon higher than average full-time resident numbers, we do not anticipate part-time availability for the Fall 2014 semester. Please call our office at (716) 829-7698 for a more current update.

If you are interested in living on campus you'll need to complete the reservation form. Part-time residents will be assigned to available spaces no later than the end of the Add/Drop period (the first two weeks of a Fall or Spring semester). Upon receipt of your reservation form, further information will be provided regarding room assignments.


Contact Us

Residence Life Office
Edward Reilly, Director
Rory Szwed, Assistant Director
Campus location: MGT 103
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Phone: (716) 829-8500


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