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Health Center

Health Center

The D'Youville College Health Center is staffed by a full-time physician assistant. 

The health center mission is to offer optimal care to the DYC community. The Center provides information, health counseling, emergency treatment, tuberculosis screening, immunizations, health insurance information and printed materials. Visits are free.

The college also offers a women's health clinic to provide gynecological exams. The exam is free, although insurance is required for lab fees.

Immunization Services Offered by the Health Center

Services provided by the health center for a fee are immunizations for tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (TDap) boosters, and PPD's.

A flu shot clinic is also held each year.

Zika Virus Information

Make an Appointment at the Health Center

Sick visits should be scheduled by appointment.

Please call 716-829-8777 to make an appointment or sign up for an appointment at the Health Center. If seeing the physician assistant is not feasible, the following locations can be used for emergency medical visits.

Immediate Care
2497 Delaware Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 874-2273

Hours of operation and map can be found on

Contact Us

Nicole Conroe, Director

505 Prospect Avenue Marguerite Hall (Room 105)

Hours:  Monday - Friday:
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
A full-time physician assistant is on staff at these times.

Phone: 716-829-8777 

New Students

A complete pre-entrance physical examination, which includes the New York state immunization requirement, is required of all students.

The Health and Immunization Report must be completed by your physician and submitted to the Health Center prior to registration. Download the Student Health Form (PDF).

The following immunizations are required. Healthcare majors may have additional requirements. 

Required Immunizations

As a result of immunization laws passed by the New York state legislature, D'Youville and other post-secondary institutions have found it necessary to adopt the following procedures regarding student immunization records.

All students, including international students and transfers, must provide the college health center with proof of immunity against measles, mumps and rubella prior to enrollment.

Failure to provide this information will result in the student being ineligible to register for classes. Listed below is the information which constitutes proof of immunity.


Two doses of live measles vaccine given on or after the first birthday (after 1968) or serological evidence of immunity.


One dose of live mumps vaccine given on or after the first birthday (after 1969) or serological evidence of immunity.


One dose of live virus rubella vaccine given on or after the first birthday (after 1969) or serological evidence of immunity.


New York State Public Health Law (NYS PHL) 2167 requires institutions, including colleges and universities, to distribute information about meningococcal disease and vaccination to all students meeting the enrollment criteria, whether they live on or off campus. This law became effective August 15, 2003.

D'Youville College is required to maintain a record of the following for each student:

  • A record of meningococcal meningitis immunization within the past ten (10) years (OR)
  • An acknowledgment of meningococcal disease risks and refusal of meningococcal meningitis immunization signed by the student or student's parent or guardian within the past ten (10) years.

Immunization requirements should be discussed with your physician during your college physical to ensure that you meet all the requirements. Often, your records can be obtained from your doctor, former school health office or public health clinic. It is vital that this information be submitted to the health center at the college prior to registration.

Immunizations are Offered at the Following Clinics

Jesse Nash Health Center
608 William Street
Buffalo, NY 14206


ECMC University Occupational Travel Clinic
462 Grider – Room 126
Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 898-4153

International Students

While most college Health Center services are free the cost of healthcare in the United States can be expensive. Because of this, D'Youville College mandates that all international students must be covered by HTH Worldwide health insurance.

International students are billed directly by the college for this insurance and enrollment will be managed through the health center.

Learn more about health insurance with HTH, including annual cost for D'Youville students on the accepted students page.

Medical Insurance

D'Youville College strongly recommends that all students have medical insurance. Students in healthcare majors are required to hold medical insurance. Contact us at 716-829-8777 if you have any questions

Healthcare insurance can be obtained through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). 

Apply through the Affordable Care Act

Dental Insurance Option

Interested in Dental Insurance? D'Youville College has developed a relationship with Haylor Freyer & Coon, Inc. that provides a dental plan option through their partnership with insurance provider Guardian.

The dental insurance option is available to all students and employees. To enroll yourself or your family members, click the button below and provide your information. There are 3 plans to select from and you can pay online with your credit card. Dental insurance is a voluntary option for those interested. 

Apply For Dental Insurance

Healthcare Majors

Tuberculosis screening is required every year for all healthcare majors.

Additional Vaccinations Include:

For Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Chiropractic, Dietetics, Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy students:

The following are required prior to clinicals:

  • Hepatitis B vaccination series or positive titers
  • Varicella vaccinations or positive titers

Each program varies in their requirements. Please verify with your department of school's clinical coordinators.

Forms and Documents