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April 30 Covid-19 Community Update

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Dear D’Youville Community:

This message provides a recap and update regarding ongoing response and planning progress for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recapping Previous Announcement:

Planning Forward
While much uncertainty exists regarding how long the current stay-at-home directives will remain,
D’Youville is continuing to monitor the situation to plan for a variety of different potential regulatory
guidelines and scenarios that may evolve as we move to un-PAUSE New York State and re-open
educational institutions across the country. The following is a high-level briefing of what we are
currently anticipating over the coming months.

For Summer 2020:

For Fall 2020

Our plan is to be open on campus in Fall 2020. However, we will of course be guided by the national,
state and local directives around re-opening and therefore cannot confirm that all services and
activities will immediately resume by the start of the fall semester. The following describe some key
aspects of D’Youville’s comprehensive strategy to ensure continued excellence in student learning,
organizational continuity, and financial resiliency.

With warmest regards,

Lorrie Clemo