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Rapid Testing

A person holding a covid test.

Get a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test, RT-PCR Test, or an Antibody Test at D'Youville.

D'Youville's Health Professions team is offering three COVID-19 testing options to faculty, staff, students, and the surrounding community. No insurance or prescription is necessary, but individuals must register for a particular test and time. If needed for air travel or employment, information can be distributed through the NAVICA app.

If you would like to coordinate on-site testing with D'Youville and are a business or charter school,  please contact Beverly Taggart at


  • Schedule: Monday - Friday
  • Walk-in Testing: Available when noted on registration booking
  • Tests Offered: 
    • Rapid Antigen Test uses a minimally-invasive nasal swab, with results available in as little as 15 minutes. It is intended for individuals suspected of COVID-19 within the first seven days of the onset of symptoms. 
    • COVID RT-PCR Test is considered the most accurate test for detecting a COVID-19 infection. It is best for individuals who tested negative on a rapid test but are still displaying symptoms, and for people who are traveling internationally, including to Canada.
    • Antibody Test detects antibodies developed in response to the virus after infection or vaccination. The antibody test is best for individuals who think they were previously infected or are looking for an indication of a level of immunity after vaccination.
  • Location: Vital Pharmacy in the Health Professions Hub, 301 Connecticut St.
  • Cost:
    • Rapid Antigen Test: $39
    • COVID RT-PCR Test: $125 (48-hour results) or $160 (24-hour results)
    • Antibody Test: $40
  • Information: Photo ID & mask required; No insurance or prescription necessary.
  • Results: Will be sent by email, unless NAVICA is required

Register for a Rapid Test


Download the NAVICA app and get easy access to your results - available by Google Play or the Apple Store

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Apple Store

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If staff/students/faculty are looking to get tested, do they also have to pay the $39, or is that free?

Staff, students, and faculty will be charged $39 dollars if they choose to utilize this service but do not have insurance through D'Youville. D’Youville has a number of free tests still available from the supplies provided by New York State during the mass screening events which took place before Thanksgiving and prior to students returning to campus in January. These tests will be reserved for athletics and future campus-wide screening event in March for D’Youville community members.

What if users can’t download or run the app? Can they still fill out a paper form?

If users can't download or run the NAVICA app, please note use of this is optional for result delivery purposes. Consent and registration intake forms can be completed via the JotForm link or QR code that is sent to patients via email after they schedule an appointment; results can also be delivered to the patient's email via this platform. If users cannot access these JotForm links ahead of time, they will be assisted with filling out these forms via electronic device or paper form when they present to their appointment.

How do they download results for proof of negative test without an email address (if allowed?)

If patients elect, they can receive results through the NAVICA app or via email. If they do not have an email, a results form can be printed, but patients will need to wait 15 minutes until we can read the results and sign the form. 

Are there specific days/time for the walk-in clinic days?

We currently do not have regularly scheduled walk-in clinic days but will update the form if and when this becomes available.

Where can I find the COVID testing clinic?

Patients entering the D'Youville Academic Center (DAC) building through the lobby can find us on 1st floor in the office suite immediately adjacent to Security. 

Where can I park?

Patients should park in the visitor lot, which can be found on our campus map (PDF). Additional instructions regarding parking are contained in the confirmation email patients receive upon booking. 

What if I have further questions or concerns about my results after I've already left the clinic? Who can I contact?

Patients should initiate contact by emailing their question or concern to This email account is monitored regularly, and you will be contacted by a member of the clinic staff to further address your question or concern.